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JP-H02277981-A: Diaphragm type pump patent, JP-H02277996-A: Once through blower patent, JP-H02278225-A: Contact lens holding device providing reversible lens holding basket patent, JP-H02278246-A: Image recording method patent, JP-H02278545-A: Disk for measuring phase difference of pickup for magneto-optical disk patent, JP-H02279382-A: Printer for color printer patent, JP-H02279462-A: Fluid pressure circuit for vehicle patent, JP-H02280819-A: Multifunctional module patent, JP-H02281354-A: Terminal equipment patent, JP-H02282026-A: Taping machine for parallelepiped cardboard boxes patent, JP-H02282613-A: Method of burning soil patent, JP-H02283724-A: Production of linear polycarbonate from cyclic oligomer composition by using zwitterionic catalyst patent, JP-H022846-A: Production of porous ceramic multilayer hollow yarn patent, JP-H02284762-A: Heat exchanger made of aluminum with decreased fin peeling patent, JP-H02284880-A: Power tacker patent, JP-H02285694-A: Dye laser patent, JP-H02285880-A: Still picture filing device patent, JP-H02286336-A: Method for joining end parts of printing plate for rotary printing and printing plate manufactured thereby patent, JP-H02287011-A: Oil burning apparatus patent, JP-H0228743-A: Computer system patent, JP-H02288408-A: High frequency amplifier patent, JP-H02289154-A: Electromagnetic needle selector in circular knitting machine patent, JP-H02289469-A: Mold release sheet for roasting ceramics product patent, JP-H02289941-A: Substrate for information recording medium patent, JP-H02290287-A: Apparatus for improvement of water in quality patent, JP-H02291-A: Titanocenes, their application, and n-substituted pyrroles patent, JP-H02292552-A: Forward-reverse selecting device for automatic transmission patent, JP-H02296029-A: Buffer device patent, JP-H02296270-A: Transfer electrifying unit patent, JP-H02296568-A: Braking device for automobile patent, JP-H02297288-A: Electronic document preparing/settling system patent, JP-H02297432-A: Composite steel plate patent, JP-H02298582-A: Fire extinguishing agent spraying composition patent, JP-H02299815-A: Manufacture of inner embossed decorative sheet patent, JP-H02299843-A: Preparation of internally embossed decorative sheet patent, JP-H02301218-A: Address buffer circuit patent, JP-H02301513-A: Production of parts for machine structural use patent, JP-H02302352-A: Rapid hardening type self-leveling composition for floor covering material patent, JP-H02302704-A: Manufacture of back light panel patent, JP-H02302978-A: Disk cartridge patent, JP-H02302996-A: Ep-rom writer patent, JP-H0230392-A: Laser beam machine patent, JP-H02304083-A: Phenylpyridine compound, its production, liquid crystalline mixture and its use for optical device patent, JP-H02305692-A: Thermal compression bonding and its device patent, JP-H02307143-A: Constitution system for address conversion buffer patent, JP-H02307300-A: Electronic parts mounting device patent, JP-H02307380-A: Speed controller patent, JP-H02307605-A: Conjugated sleeve for rolling patent, JP-H02308271-A: Overlapped image recording device patent, JP-H02309219-A: Infrared detecting apparatus patent, JP-H02309530-A: Electromagnetic relay patent, JP-H02309541-A: Fluorescent display device patent, JP-H02309698-A: Attaching frame of printed substrate patent, JP-H02311633-A: Warm air dryer patent, JP-H02311945-A: On-line screen display system patent, JP-H02312467-A: Common voltage generating circuit patent, JP-H0232244-A: Gas concentration sensor patent, JP-H0232267-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit inspecting device patent, JP-H0232722-A: Power source equipment patent, JP-H0233473-A: Plug cap for ignition coil patent, JP-H0233822-A: Cathode for electron tube patent, JP-H0234731-A: Device for refining molten aluminum patent, JP-H0235034-A: Production device of roasted thin food patent, JP-H0235186-A: Insulating window patent, JP-H0235628-A: Rotary drum patent, JP-H0235748-A: Bonding device patent, JP-H023623-A: Antihypercholesterolemia agent patent, JP-H023625-A: Production of 3-nitrophthalic acid patent, JP-H0236682-A: Storage time control for photoelectric converter and storage signal processing unit patent, JP-H0237026-A: Weather strip for sashless door patent, JP-H0237455-A: Modular compiler patent, JP-H0237648-A: Negative electric charge generator patent, JP-H0237887-A: Field frequency converter patent, JP-H0238253-A: Taking-up diameter detecting device patent, JP-H0238898-A: Controlling of nuclear reactor feed water patent, JP-H0240188-A: Recording medium playing device patent, JP-H0241281-A: Ink ribbon cartridge for heat transfer serial printer patent, JP-H0241658-A: Switching power-supply reverse-current preventive circuit patent, JP-H0241704-A: Continuous hot rolling method for steel strip patent, JP-H0241908-A: Pneumatic tire patent, JP-H024196-A: Profiled sheet patent, JP-H0243882-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0243905-A: Cleaning of filter element in cartridge type filter patent, JP-H0244877-A: Camera with sound recording function patent, JP-H0245183-A: Printer patent, JP-H0245419-A: Treatment of state requiring enhanced oxygen availability to mammnalian tissue patent, JP-H0248077-A: Formation of masking film patent, JP-H024863-A: Thermoplastic polyamide and aqueous dispersion based on emulsifier, and these use as adhesive patent, JP-H024866-A: Impergnation composition for porous substrate of improved durability and water repellency patent, JP-H0249297-A: Memory patent, JP-H0249441-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H02501677-A: patent, JP-H02501741-A: patent, JP-H02503187-A: patent, JP-H02503899-A: patent, JP-H0251739-A: Loop structure compiling system patent, JP-H0252752-A: Ink-jet recorder patent, JP-H0252921-A: Combustion control method for bath boiler patent, JP-H02533-A: Operation control method of matrix printer patent, JP-H0254515-A: Electrolyte solution for electrolytic capacitor patent, patent, 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